My New Home 

Before coming to New Orleans, my life in Los Angeles felt like a long drive on a freeway. It was fast paced and usually uneventful. Occasionally I would get off the road of routine and have a magical moment. Moments with friends, family, performing with Vaud and the Villains and Orchestra Surreal or the 3 Filipino Tenors or in a play/musical or do a recording session that was particularly fun. But those moments were far and few in between. I now live in New Orleans and find my journey transformed into a leisurely stroll from one magical moment to the next. Sure there is the day to day grind, but that doesn't define my day and, even more, my being. I am constantly inspired and challenged and motivated and fulfilled. And I feel these things because somehow this city and its' denizens mystic power will lovingly enfold you in that energy if you choose to grab hold of it and not let go. It may be that I feel these things because I'm still an 'outsider' OR it maybe that I have just found 'home' and am choosing to find the beauty in every note, every red bean and rice, every hug and kiss and every smile I can fashion on another persons face. I am reborn and discovering things anew. New Orleans sure feels like home. New Orleans IS home!! - post dedicated to Arséne DeLay, Justin Butts, Paul Sanchez and the lovely spirits in flesh i've met and will meet. Antoine Diel - 5/23/2013