In My Father's House: CD
  • In My Father's House: CD

In My Father's House: CD

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This is the 2nd album from New Orleans based powerhouse and soulful singer Antoine Diel and the debut duo album with collaborator Sam Kuslan playing piano & organ. Songs cross genre's from traditional gospel music with classic religious songs.

This album was inspired by Antoine's childhood memories of hearing the voice of Mahalia Jackson and her dedication to singing the gospel and making a career devoted to that purpose. The album is dedicated to his father Claro who requested that an album be created that reflected the music and message that nourished our family life. We hope that, even if you do not come from the same religious tradition that we came from, the music brings you joy and the heartfelt message and performance within touches your hearts and souls. Recorded at Esplanade Studios, Engineered by Ian Painter and Mixed & Mastered by Grammy award winning Mark Bingham. Artwork by Emilie Rhys, Scene by Rhys and Graphic Design by Laura Kuehn of Midnight Boheme Produced by AN21DLMusic, LLC 2016

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