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Written by Antoine Diel for the band Vaud & the Villains in Los Angeles. It was performed by Antoine (then known as The Animal) with the band live for the 4 years that Antoine sang with them. This is the 1st recorded and published version with horn arrangements by Bryce Eastwood who also plays saxophone, Bill Malchow on piano, Daniel Schroeder on guitar, Joshua Gouzy on bass, Kevin Louis on trumpet, Craig Klein on trombone, Benji Bohannon on drums and Arsene DeLay as backup vocals. Villain 4 Life.


Animal’s Testimony (2009) Antoine Diel

When I was just a young boy my momma said to me
In this whole world my sweet child
there's things that you should be
Love your momma and your daddy
to your wife always be true
And whatever you do in life don't let the devil get to you

So to church I goes on Sundays cuz my momma told me so
And the preacher mans a preachin’
some words that I don't know
Stop yo drinkin' and yo gamblin'
Stop yo womanizin' too And whatever you do in life
Don't let the devil get to you

So when I became a young man A revival show came by
They played their music all night long
That made my spirit fly
The people were yellin and screaming
And tappin' their feet
The music brought them so much joy
They were dancin' in the streets

Everybody was feelin good feelin fine
The spirit was really high
Then all the people in the tent Began to sing Bye and Bye

Bye & Bye when the mornin comes
You know all the Saints of God are gatherin home
We'll tell the story of how we’ll overcome
And we'll understand it better bye and bye

Every sinner has a future Every saint has a past
And I wondered if this feeling Could ever really last
So I ran away with the show And the world I did see
And to this day, when I sing The devil stays away from me