Summertime in the Land of Dreams

Running around Bayou St. John 

Fish are jumping' 

Turtles heads stretched from shell towards sun. 

Quickly retreat to the water as I come near. 

Ducks and geese hanging around on the grass 

Shedding feathers as they preen to passers by  

Dark clouds floating lakeside to riverside 

Lightning show commences 

Thunderstorm rumbles in the middle of the day. 

Sprinting to avoid the drip drop of the rain 

Shirt clinging, perspiration increases  

As the wet heat radiates from the broken asphalt streets. 

Newly renovated homes, with FOR SALE signs,  

Catch the eye with their bright colors shouting 

"Look at the possibility" 

Abandoned homes with broken windows, 

Vines overtaking the roofs and foundations whispering 

"See what's been forgotten." 

I enter my gate welcomed by geckos of varied hues 

Mosquitoes giving me a love bite to say G'MAWNIN' 

Dragonflies buzzing about 

My wind chime rings out the winds song as 

Sonorous saxophone sounds comes from my neighbors house. 

The fan keeps blowin'.  - Antoine Diel 6/22/2015